Assault and Battery Charges in Richmond Virginia

Assault and battery charges can be very difficult if not handled properly. Assault and battery charges occur when a person touches another person without the will of another person. You can say that touching another person’s private body parts with the intention of harassing him/her. Consent of the victim is the most important part; if the victim willfully wants to be touched then no one can charge assault and battery crime against you. But if you touched and harassed a person forcefully, this is a case of assault and battery crime. In the state of Richmond Virginia, laws of each crime are very strong. If you are accused of any crime in Richmond Virginia, you are in a trouble. If you don’t hire a skilled lawyer immediately, you will find yourself in a very serious and difficult situation. Because these type of charges are very hard to get rid of. The bad record of these crimes can be stick with you throughout your life. Only a professional and skilled lawyer can help you to get rid of them and protect you from these allegations.

Assault and Battery Laws in Richmond Virginia

The state of Richmond Virginia has very complicated laws about an assault and battery crime. It includes many acts of physical and verbal abuse such as touching a person without his/her consent, threatening a person, fighting with a person, forcing a person with the intention of illegal activity and to harm a person. If anyone has not yet touched a victim but he has verbally abused the victim, the offender would still get charged with assault and battery crime. The most common type of assault is a domestic assault. A person from your family can be convicted in assault and battery charges. The laws of Richmond Virginia define various penalties for assault and battery crimes. This is a class 1 offense and the punishment of this crime depends on the nature of the crime. The penalty for domestic assault and battery charge is imprisonment of 1 to 5 years and a fine of $2,500. If it is a hate crime against a person on the basis of hatred, this is considered a class 1 misdemeanor and the penalties include 15 days in jail and a specific amount of fine.

Assault and Battery Defense Lawyers in Richmond Virginia

Assault and battery charges can be very hard to get rid of, even after all the fines and punishments. The bad impact of assault and battery crime will follow you like a shadow throughout your life. You may face difficulties like fired from a current job or finding a new job, seeking a loan and finding a place to live. The reason behind this is simply that nobody will trust you enough because of your previous record. In this overwhelming situation, you should hire an experienced lawyer from Law offices of SRIS P.C. on whom you can trust completely that he will solve your problems. With a trustworthy lawyer on your side, you can breathe peacefully and can feel that your rights will be ensured.