Controlled Substances in Richmond Virginia

A controlled substance is generally known as illegal drugs that have bad effects on human health and mind. In the state of Richmond Virginia, the use and possession of controlled substances are illegal and banned. No one is allowed to keep any controlled substance in his/her possession. But nowadays many illegal controlled substances are used for medical purposes. Such as some anti-depressants. Doctors usually prescribed anti-depressants if you have some health issues. But in the state of Richmond Virginia, you cannot keep a controlled substance even if you have the prescription. In such situation you may face some difficulties such as you cannot travel with your prescribed controlled substances. Because, if anyone gets caught with a controlled substance he will be charged with this crime. In this situation, you will need a professional lawyer that can handle all the procedures on your behalf.

Controlled Substances Laws in Richmond Virginia

This crime is considered a class 1, class 4 and class 5 felony. The penalties for these felonies are severe. A person who is accused of this crime will face penalties of jail imprisonment and fines as well. The punishments depend on the basis of the case. If the controlled substance is dangerous then penalties can vary. An offender can be imprisoned for 1 to 10 years. He will also have to pay fine of $2,500.  But if this is a first time for an offender, then there are chances that judges or court can show some leniency while deciding a penalty. An offender’s previous record matters a lot in this situations. If you are a regular offender then you may sentence to life imprisonment. It all depends on your record and current crime situation.

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Richmond Virginia

In any case, if you are accused of having controlled substances in your possession, and gets charged with this crime. You need a professional lawyer, that can help you with your case. A professional and experienced lawyer in a related field can save you from these allegations. There are numerous lawyers who give their administrations at your facility, however, Law offices of SRIS P.C. is the main lawyer that not only save you from punishments yet, in addition, expel this offense from your profile record. We have various experienced legal counselors who have an incredible past record. Our attorneys have unprecedented abilities that can protect you from each possible claim. In the event that you have our legal advisor on your side, you must not stress over anything. Our accomplished legal advisor can deal with everything extremely well. You are a trustworthy attorney in the state of Virginia. We have been providing our services to the residents of Virginia for many years. If you visit our profile you will feel the difference between us and other criminal attorneys. If you are accused of any crime and you need the services of our experienced lawyers, then don’t wait for tomorrow, hire us today. For contact call us on this helpline.