Grand Larceny Richmond Virginia First Offense

Larceny means taking somebody’s property without his consent. Taking somebody’s property with an intention of never giving back or to steal is an illegal activity. In Richmond Virginia, all theft-related crimes referred as Larceny.  Further, there are two types of larceny, which are petty larceny and grand larceny. Petty larceny is theft of property whose worth is less than $200. And the theft whose worth is more than $200 is grand larceny. When a person takes something from someone without letting them know, it is considered a crime. The state of Richmond Virginia has made some laws for this larceny. These laws define the penalties to avoid these theft-related activities. If this is first offense by a person, he will get charged with fine (double the worth of stolen goods) and a jail imprisonment of 1 to 20 years.

Grand Larceny First Offense Laws in Richmond Virginia

The state of Richmond Virginia is considered as the toughest state when it comes to rules and crimes. When a person steals some other person’s goods or property, he gets charged of a crime.  There are many laws which define the punishments for a person, if it is a first offense of that person. And if he proves guilty to the crime, he will be sent to jail. Usually a person who commits grand larceny gets into jail for 1 to 20 years. And this is a really long time; nobody wants to serve that much time in jail. Other than the penalties, if a person commits this crime, it will be posted to his record which is not a good thing. Because larceny offense means you are a thief and you are not able to be trusted. Many organizations will not hire you on the base of your previous record which shows that you are dishonest. If you are accused in a grand larceny first offense and facing a really tough time. You can save yourself from getting into jail for this long time, if you hire an experienced lawyer from a trustworthy attorney. An experienced lawyer has the ability to reduce charges and fine against you. A lawyer, who has great experience in the related cases, can better understand your case.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Richmond Virginia

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