Richmond Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer

If an individual faces a crime in Richmond Virginia, he will be facing criminal charges that will prove to be frightening and stressful. The individual will be facing a prison time of multiple years. Along with heavy fines, he may even face multiple punishments at one time. If an individual is convicted, many different fines can lead to:
A- Stiff Fines
B- A lasting penalty (The individual loses his license)
C- Community service
D- Mandatory counseling
E- Prison Sentence
1- Why lawyers should be the individual’s first priority?
A- Lawyers have an experience on how to get a sentence reduced.
B- The lawyers are mostly experienced people and they have a clear understanding of how the law works.
C- They have represented several convicted individuals in the past.
D- Experienced lawyers mostly have a good relationship with the prosecutors and lawyers
E- The lawyers provide an evaluation to the prospective clients.
2- What happens when an individual is charged with a crime in Richmond?
Most individuals who are convicted of a drug crime are left feeling isolated and frightened that leads them to feel that they do not have any chance of getting out of the problem. When they are charged with the accusations, the individuals mostly have a very short time to choose a lawyer that leaves them no chance of hiring a lawyer with less or no experience.

Covered under Virginia Code of Law, the convicted individuals have a lot going through. They are faced with a suspension of their driver’s license, heavy penalties, and prison time that can last a lifetime. Law enforcement agencies dedicate themselves and the prosecutors to get a conviction for the individual who is facing the charges. Therefore, a lawyer is required to tackle these convictions and get out of the case as soon as possible.

The lawyer will thoroughly evaluate the details of the individual and defend his case when it goes to court. The charges of the penalties imposed on the individual can be dismissed or reduced with the help of the lawyer. If an individual is convicted with the penalty of spend prison time, it means that there is enough evidence that the details of the individual’s case are already completely evaluated.

The hired lawyer will help the individual look into the flaws of the case. He will gather any errors found in the case, gather evidence that will help the individual in solving the case, and see all aspects of the individual’s case when he is fighting in court.

Here are some common examples of criminal acts that a Richmond Virginia criminal defense lawyer can assist with:

  • Assault and battery
  • Burglary
  • Drug possession or distribution
  • Misdemeanor traffic citations
  • Petit and grand larceny
  • Property crimes
  • Robbery
  • Sexual Assault

The individual must know that getting lost in the law enforcement agencies and the complex laws is not just scary, but also even a minor conviction can seriously affect the individual’s life for long-term.